A day in the Nursery

Whilst every day in the nursery looks different and will vary dependent on your child's age a typical day at the nursery is as follows:

9:30 Welcome Time
Children are welcomed into the nursery by the staff and put their photographs on the welcome board. 

10:00 Snack Time
Children are given a mid-morning healthy snack.

10:15 Phonics Learning
Children learn phonics songs to help them with their letter sounds. 

10:30 Activity Time
Children are offered a range of craft activities, messy play and sensory activities.

11:00 Music and Movement
Children engage in a song and dance session which helps with their large motor skills. 

11:15 Outside Play
Children are given the opportunity to play outside in the specialised outdoor learning environment.

11:30 Dinner Time
All children are given a nutritionally balanced hot meal, freshly cooked by our on-site chief.

12:15 Nap Time / Free Play
Younger children may want to have a sleep after dinner. This optional, other children are free to use the toys and activities provided.

1:00pm Activity Time

2:00pm Good Afternoon

2:30 Tea Time

3:00pm Outside Play

3:30 School Day Children Leave / Child Choice Play