The Manna House Day Nursery supports the work of Hope Village, Malawi.

Hope Village is based in a region called Chikhwawa and includes...

A day care centre for vulnerable families and children, especially orphans. This provides activities for local children including sports, crafts and teaching up to secondary school age.

Children's homes for orphans who have no relatives to care for them. The children are cared for by married couples with a heart to help orphans, they often have children of their own and take these orphans in as part of their family.

A small clinic which offers teaching and assistance to those effected by HIV/AIDS. They also assist with family planning and carry out Malaria testing in the surrounding villages.

A preschool to assist local people who need a place for their child while they work the fields.

Help with baby feeding. Mothers who are HIV positive are encouraged to stop breast feeding after 6 months. Hope village assists by finding sponsors to supply formulae milk and offers training on how to sterilise their bottles.

Hope village also supports the local community in many other ways more details can be found at http://www.hopevillagemalawi.net/