The Govt grant scheme for qualifying children age 2 comes into operation in Sept 2013 providing FREE nursery places.  We are presently able to offer FREE places for 51 WEEKS a year under this grant provision, over 2 days and up 15 hours each week.  For full details please phone 01827 302435 and  speak to June Emmerson Head of Nursery.  

For details of how to apply for the grant and details of qualification requirements please click THINK2

The Two-Three Room can accommodate up to 24 children and has 6 members of staff. We continue to use the 'EYFS Framework’ for planning and observation.

As in other parts of the Nursery, we operate a ‘Key Person’ system. The Key Person for your child is your first point of contact with regard to any matters relating to the care of your child. The Key Person keeps a daily diary for each child which informs parents/carers of everything that their child has done throughout the day, such as, activities completed, sleep patterns, daily menu and so on.

The children enjoy a variety of activities, such as, games, cooking, craft, painting, sand and water play, musical activities, messy play, and much, much more!