Baby Room


Our downstairs Baby Room caters for up to 18 babies, offering high quality care and education for babies aged between 6 weeks and 2 years.

We have 6 staff members who ensure that all the babies are expertly cared for in an enjoyable, safe and stimulating environment.

The children are offered three prepared meals: breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, with suitably adapted meals for younger children who are weaning.


Our catering staff always seek to provide a varied nutritional menu catering for all children’s needs.

Throughout the day the children are offered a variety of activities, as recommended in the 'EYFS Framework’, to help with all areas of their development, such as, imaginative play, food play and even messy play! The children’s work is displayed in the Baby Room area.

Each child is cared for by a Key Person who ensures daily communication, both verbal and written, with parents/carers. In suitable weather the children are able to go outside and play with larger outdoor toys on our ‘child friendly’ play surface. A portfolio is kept for each child and is regularly updated containing photographs, and that very first painting or craft!

We endeavour to capture as many of these memorable moments so that they can be treasured as a ‘keep sake’